Concept and Summarised Points:

  1. The Web Application has been developed for TOURISM INDUSTRY, especially Rural, Eco & Adventure Tourism.It focusses on creating sustainable development and livelihood for rural communities, providing solutions & services for an efficient, cost-effective & elaborate safety net-cum-communications network for the tourists as well as tourism police and other stakeholders, encompassing the entire gamut of Travel & Tourism Services. These include Tours Operators, Travel Agents, Transport Operators, Hotels & Resorts, Tourism Police, Government Tourism Department, Local Authorities, Rural Infrastructure Providers, Village Communities, Local Healthcare etc.
  1. The scheme envisages an integrated cloud-based/web-based system, with GPS support and seamless interconnectivity between Hotels & Resorts, Tour Operators/Travel Agents, Village Community Centres, Local Authorities/Police etc. The system will enable real-time tracking of the tourists in rural hinterland and sparsely populated areas, besides providing them support services like supplies & provisions and healthcare services when needed.The web based App includes the provision for interlinking /interconnectivity through such cloud-based gateway. The gateway will also be linked to Local Authorities, Tourism Police, Local Healthcare Providers and concerned Government Departments with suitable alarms,to ensure a complete safety net for the tourists, in these unfrequented or difficult terrain areas.
  1. The Web Application incorporates the entire regional database of valid documents of visitors / tourists, embedded into the system / master database, with real-time information updation and monitoring of data inputs based on pre-determined parameters. The updation on real-time basis may be through aid of several approved web based interfaces / entities. Evaluation and monitoring of data will be on real-time basis by the system and accessible by the authority in-charge of the web application (probably the concerned Government Department which will be the Super Administrator)
  1. The App has got 7 interfaces / groups of accessing entities, duly segregated according to their role and duty as well as authority level. Those are,
  • Super Administrator
  • Immigration Agent
  • Tourist / Visitor
  • Regional Administration (RSTA)
  • Checkout Terminal Admin
  • Police / Local Admin / Health / Safety
  • Hotels / Inn
  1. The Super Administrator (SA) will monitor everything and have access to all levels and interfaces / activities. SA will grant approvals and is authorised to initiate necessary corrective measures / procedures to avoid / restrict unauthorised entry and prevent fraud or other illegal / undesired activity.
  1. Immigration Agents (IA) will enrol, register and upload the ID’s, documents and all valid legal papers of the Tourist / Visitors in the Web Application and create their profile based on pre-determined parameters and in approved data-input format. The interfacehas adequate in-built checks and balances and failure to upload all basic information will not allow further processing of application. Physical checks of the authenticity of ID and travel papers will be done by the IA, who will certify the same electronically by affixing his digital signature. On completion of the process, a provisional approval permit / tour program will be generated by the system. This is the initial step of the web app portal system. Based on such provisional approval, the tourist can proceed as per approved tour program, exploring regions and places in the North Eastern Belt. Such provisional approval is subject to scrutiny / approval by SA.

IA will have the facility to monitor the tourist’s movements to verify whether it is in line with approved tour program. IA will also have authority to review and/or modify the tour program based on exigencies. It is the duty of IA to ensure that final approval of tour program is obtained in line with the provisional web-generated approval. Any deviation will be immediately reviewed and the tourist will be contacted / informed immediately. The system will be updated on real-time basis and modification of provisional approval will automatically be reflected on all interfaces. It shall also be the duty of tourist to contact IA immediately on any modification of tour program by SA. As mentioned earlier SA will constantly monitor the IA’s interface.

  1. The Tourist interface will allow the tourist to view all approvals on real-time basis. Such interface may be by way of a web-based mobile app on the tourist’s mobile phone / tablet / handheld device / laptop or any other suitable medium. Such device should preferably be GPS enabled to effectively monitor tourist movement on real-time basis.
  1. Regional Administration (RSTA) has authorisation to CREATE /ENROLL the Checkout Terminal Admin in the web application by issuing road permits and travel documents within their area of control / authority, based on approved tour plan. These terminals will physically interact with the tourist and verify his ID as per tourist permit (and on necessity manually verify original documents with uploaded documents from the approved database authorised by IA). On satisfaction, RSTA will digitally sign the approval in its interface, after which the interface will automatically generate a road permit.RSTA will manually sign and stamp / seal the road permit generated by the system, so that the tourist can pass check-posts along his travel route. RSTA will act as an extension of SA in the RSTA’s area of operation

On the worst scenario RSTA may detect Forgery / Insufficient / Mismatch in documents and an instant report will be generated by the system and the tour permit will stand cancelled automatically. All interfaces will be updated on real-time basis to prevent further misuse of tour permit.

  1. The Police interface will enable them to review all information on tourist and monitor his movements on real-time basis. Any deviation shall automatically trigger an alarm (classified according to enormity of deviation) to enable Tourism Police to initiate suitable preventive steps. GPS enabled device of tourist will also enable Tourism Police to verify tourist location on real time basis. This will also allow Police to ensure health, well-being and safety of tourist. Protecting the safety and security of the tourist is of paramount interest to the Tourism Police. Any major deviation / lapse and/or detection of fraud or other serious offence shall immediately be reported by Tourism Police to SA / RSTA via the system interface, as well as concerned home department officials for initiation of appropriate action, if outside scope of Tourism Police.
  1. Local Administration / Authority shall have limited access to Police interface for the limited purpose of locating the tourist whereabouts, enable real-time tracking of the tourists in rural hinterland and sparsely populated areas, for the purpose of providing tourists support services like supplies & provisions and healthcare services when needed.
  1. All the Hotels / Inn will have their own interface wherein they will input particulars / data related to the tourist, based on approved tour permit. All data uploaded on this interface will automatically update data on other interfaces on real time basis. It shall be the duty of the concerned Hotel / Inn to physically interact with the tourist and verify his ID as per tourist permit (and on necessity manually verify original documents with uploaded documents from the approved database authorised by IA). On satisfaction, appropriate authority of hotel will digitally sign the approval, after which the interface will automatically generate a permit authorising the tourist to stay in such hotel / inn.
  1. Super Administrators (Gov) can review / authorise / create / eliminate any of the officials in charge of the interface panel and moreover can track the point to point Tourist mapping and all security terminals and take appropriate action in instances of offences or forgery.


  1. All this will be managed globally and centrally in a single robust application through web and most importantly with LEVEL 3 SECURED FRAMEWORK TERMINALS.

Add On Extra Facilities:

  1. Web Based, site with back end software (Dynamic Admin Panel) built in for all browsers compatible.
  2. Mobile/tab/desktop/laptop responsive
  3. Integrated with high security for database capacity
  4. User friendly and easy to use for web servers
  5. W3C International Standard compliancy
  6. Corporate Look and Feel

Advanced Area of the Project :--

  1. Design will be high end and sleek with corporate look and feel.
  2. The template will be full screen and mobile responsive.
  3. High end dynamic Admin Panel in custom php development.
  4. Menu bars J-Query and effects will be high end.
  5. Download pdf, doc files can be downloaded from the built in site if any.