Intelligent Farmer Database Management Software (FDBMS) & VILLAGE ONLINE SYSTEM (VOS)



Agriculture sector in India provides about 55% employment opportunity and contributes 15 percent of our GDP. About 80% of people still reside in rural areas and more than 80% of farmers are small and marginal farmers. But surprisingly, we do not have a systematic database on farmers. The last level of contact of farmers with the government is the block level agricultural officer.


A need based study enunciated the requirement for a systematic and pragmatic method to maintain the database of farmers in West Bengal by development of suitable software which would facilitate farmers in resolving their problems and provide a mechanism for dissemination of relevant information desired by the farmers. The main objectives of the project is to establish direct linkage to the farmers, as well as creating an intelligent database of farmers for referencing and participatory decision making, to evolve an objective system for analysis and planning. Concurrently, it would also disseminate information to farmers on various schemes and programs of the government, as well as educate them on best cultivation practices, based on their local conditions. The database is proposed to be extended to all Panchayats through a secure cloud hosting system which could be accessed from any part of the world. On successful completion of the pilot project, the same could be replicated all over the country, with suitable need-based modifications.


The key output from the initiative shall be facilitation & integration of economic activities of all stakeholders thus enabling conversion of under-performing and non-performing agricultural farms into high yielding farms of quality products in demand. The proposed system aims to plug existing loopholes in agriculture information flow and transaction management, and provide a web/cloud based solution enabling all stakeholders to interact in real time, creating a virtual services gateway for all participating members. This platform shall cater to all the needs of Information, Communication, Transaction, Payment and potential Integration with related services. This system will therefore provide a database to all the relevant agri-sectors of the government and permeate into the Panchayats and the flow of information can be monitored and referred for further use.


Smart cards will be issued to every farmer with a unique id. The card will contain information like name(s) of the member & his/her family, no of family members, no of earning members, annual income, types of crops grown, category of farmer (whether land owner/Bhag Chasi/community farmer etc), total area of land owned/cultivated by the member & family, annual production, details of training undertaken, soil test reports, details of loan(s) availed, medical details, insurance (including crop insurance) details etc., and/or any other relevant & requisite information


Objectives of Project:

  • Enrolment of farmers with unique id numbers recording all details in smart cards
  • Aggregation of different category of farmers and farm land, cultivation crops etc.
  • Enrolment of buyers and agricultural machinery manufacturers
  • Enrolment of agricultural input providers (seeds, plantlets, fertilizers, pesticides, consultants, laboratories etc)
  • Enrolment of support services like:

Warehousing & Cold Chain facilities, Logistics services support providers

Banks & Insurers

Legal, accounting, documentation support

  • Establishment of a robust IT enabled platform providing members information on market demand and various types of crops that can be cultivated based on soil & climate conditions etc.
  • Creation of Information Bank on land and crop details, cultivation practices, production, agricultural inputs consumed, data on support services, irrigation, market & marketability etc.
  • Data Mining for research & analysis to help decision making
  • Use of database for future crop planning, schedule management, procurement & supply, management of stock & inventory, agricultural inputs etc. and consequent improvement in operational efficiency & performance
  • Generation of Usage & Analysis Reports etc.

Related Online Information & Interaction System

  • Information dissemination on Natural Disasters on real time basis, thus saving lives
  • Online Medical Aid through connections with nearby hospitals and health units, tele/video conferencing with Doctors, telemedicine, blogs/forums for interaction & sharing of information and experience etc
  • Online library, sharing & access to world class books, helping students & researchers
  • Social Networking, e-Commerce (by selling agri-products online to highest bidder etc), e-Governance, etc.